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Upgraded Gemtech Outback I – back from Gemtech!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had sent my Outback I into Gemtech to get upgraded.
I had opted for a Titanium blast baffle and the rest of the stack in Aluminum.

Due to a mistake at Gemtech, after 4 weeks I received my unit back….un-touched! Neatly sealed in a sleeve with a takedown tool, but un-touched, un-cleaned, and still unserviceable!

After a phonecall with Gemtech, Joey and Kel took care of the return shipping for me, and offered me a free shirt or pouch for the inconvenience. I declined.

Two days later, when my can was delivered at Gemtech, I received a phonecall from Dr. Phil Dater at Gemtech, apologizing profusely for the mistake. He offered to upgrade all my baffles to Titanium. I was hesitant at first, but Dr. Dater assured me that he would be happy to do so, so I gave in at last…

Here it is, disassembled, with the Ti baffles and Aluminum takedown tool.

The new endcap, removable with the tool for disassembly.

The mounting side of the can. The only thing they didn’t replace on the unit is the tube itself.

I’ve done some limited shooting with it, but it was hard to tell how loud it really was, as I shot it indoors. It does seem quiet, probably quieter than it was. So far, I’m impressed with the upgraded unit, and I’m very impressed and pleased with the way Gemtech took care of me when the mistake was made.



Gemtech Outback Upgrade.

Kel from Gemtech recently pointed out that they now have the “Gemtech – Have it your way” upgrade program for the Outback and Outback II line of .22lr silencers.

I’ve decided to send mine in, as it is very old, and not user serviceable. It also doesn’t quite compete with the modern cans anymore, a recently purchased YHM Mite was quieter than the Outback.

The options Gemtech offers in the “Have it your way” means that the owner has a choice in materials for the blast baffle, and the following 5 K-Baffles. The choices are Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Titanium. I chose for a Titanium blast baffle, as it takes the brunt of the blast and crap, and aluminum baffles for the remaining 5 K’s.
Stainless steel is a nice option as well, as it is easy to clean, but it is also heavier. And that is less desirable with a .22 silencer this size.
The Outback weighs in at 4.3 Oz. at the time of shipping. It would be interesting to see the weight change when I receive it back.
I think my choice is a good one. The can will go out in tomorrow’s UPS. Look for an update once it comes back!

My Outback right before sending it in to get upgraded.