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HK21 – A work of art.

One of my holy grails in belt-fed guns is the HK21.
A good friend of mine has acquired one of these beauties recently, and while the sear pack is in the process of going from dealer to dealer, the rifle itself was transferred with a semi trigger pack as a Title I firearm.

Fortunately, it resides in my safe for a while until the owner comes around to claim it.
I took the opportunity to take a closer look at it. Whilst not 100% familiar with the differences in 21 models, I know that this is a non-E model, as it has the slide-out feed tray vs. the swing-down version of the 21E.

The rifle is clearly based on the G3 receiver, with hefty reinforcements in place to keep things together. Functionally the 21 is very similar to the G3, rounds come in below the bolt and strip forwards through the link into the chamber. Technically it’s possible to get a magazine adapter and have it run from a normal HK magazine.

Having shot one on a few occasions, I can truly say it’s an impressive piece of machinery, simple yet cleverly designed, usually to be expected from Germans…
The rifle is chambered in 7.62×51, which in full auto makes you appreciate the 18 Lbs of the gun, although it still makes you very aware of what you’re doing.


Inverted belt allow the rounds to be stripped out from the bolt riding above in the forward cycle.

Slide-out style feed tray.

Quick change barrel control. Unlatch, rotate up, and the barrel is free.

1200 Meter sight.

Stay posted for a future range report!


More of the K98-45 Mauser.

I was able to take the gun out today, and shoot it without other shooters around. She functioned flawlessly, the cheap gunshow magazine marked “COLT 45” works even better than the Chip McCormick one. I had ZERO feeding issues today.

I soldered on a rear sight sleeve, and a front sight. The finish I ended up applying was Brownell’s Park-grey. I had two out-of the box failures with the pricey gun-kote they sell. Truly a crappy product.

Next week I hope to properly sight it in.

Zombie Slayer SBR Mauser

I received an email this morning, from viper5243, about his SBR 8mm Mauser, I’ve featured on here before.
He informed that he’s had his Mauser refinished, turning it into a Zombie Killer rifle.

The rifle looks great, the addition of the DeGroat Flash Enhancer and the Trench Magazine really make it a one-of-a-kind. Like it wasn’t one already…

The excellent work appears to be performed by 7.62 Precision Custom Firearm Finishes. More pictures can be seen on their site as well. 

Suppressed 1911!

I finally received my Storm Lake threaded barrel for my Full Rail Operator, and after some minor fitting, we went out and mounted my friend’s YHM Cobra to it.
I couldn’t be happier with the Storm Lake barrel, it is a very nice barrel, fit and finish were great. Now the wait for my Form 4 to clear for my AAC Ti-Rant 45…

Current status of the SBR Mauser

I have acquired a nice blonde stock from a sporterized 98k. It was a flat butt plate stock, cut down some on the back, and cut and rounded in the front.
Sarco still has cupped butt plates, so I ordered one.
My friend Mark made a jig for his table bench grinder, and trimmed the butt area down to accommodate the cupped plate.

The barrel is measured and marked. I think it’s going to be cut at 7″ exactly.

The project is now on hold until the Form 1 gets approved.

Another NFA project.

After scanning through a “Post a picture of your SBR” on, in the mix of all the short AR15s and few AKs, member viper5243 posted the following:




I had very mixed feelings. I was in awe of the shortness of the gun, also stunned by the sheer terror of a cut up C&R gun, while breathless of the size of the fireball, but yet attracted to it like the proverbial train-wreck you can’t look away from.
The decision was made after dreaming about it that night: I need to build my own.
It was definitely worth the $200 NFA tax to register one SBR.

(SBR is a registered Short Barreled Rifle, usually a rifle with a barrel shorter than 16″. SBRs, along with other items are regulated by the NFA division of the BATFE)

I contacted viper5243, and he informed me that it was built from a Yugoslavian M48 Mauser, had a barrel length of 9″ and on overall length of 26″.
This thing was a monster!