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Some 1911s.

Just a quick iPhone picture of my Kimber, my everyday carry gun.

The Stainless Springfield Armory 1911 as featured in previous posts.


Bobtail Kimber update.

After locating the new mainspring housing hole with the Ed Brown jig, it was time to cut off the excess material from the old hole.
I cut the most part off with a cut-off wheel on a Dremel, and then moved onto a file, gradually going to sandpaper.

After about an hour of sanding, filing and blending in, I had a good fit.
I decided to use some touch up blue, and blue the new Ed Brown mainspring housing and the frame area I just cut.
So I figured I’d throw some cold blue on the rest of the frame as well, can’t hurt. Scuffed it up with some steel wool, ready for cold blue application. Only to find out that for some reason, still a mystery to me, the frame didn’t take the cold blue. At all.

I did end up with that “Well worn” look that some are after, but it wasn’t my intention.

Once I get an air compressor set up, and my sandblaster, I plan to refinish it with Norell’s.
My AK was done in Norell’s after it KB’ed and it’s held up very well.

Here is what she looks like now. Rather silly, in my opinion, with the blued mainspring housing, but oh well. It functions fine.

Afterthoughts on the Bobtail job:

Overall, I found the Bobtail Job to be relatively easy, locating the new hole is the biggest thing, miss one hole and you’re screwed. Once that’s over, it’s a breeze.

Upon completion, I installed a new pair of VZ Operator’s, pre-cut for a Bobtail. The color pattern is “Tiger Stripe”

The gun itself is very nice to hold. your hand fills the bobtail cut nicely, and gives the gun a totally different feel. A feel that I like, I must say.

Concealment has improved, the area that can protrude through clothing has gotten much sleeker and smaller. The thing disappears in my VM-II.

So, all in all, I’m very happy with the result. I do plan on sandblasting the gun, and refinishing it, but until I do that, it’s my main carry gun.