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Riveting the Browning receiver.

After all the necessary prep work, I was ready to shoot the rivets.

I’ve learned my lesson. The main trunnion rivets are a bear. They are too thick to really do with an air rivet gun. With the help of my awesome Girlfriend (she helped me rivet and buck rivets, in our hot and sweaty hangar, for 2 hours straight, on a Sunday afternoon! That’s hardcore!!) I got all the rivets in place.

I mushroomed the main trunnion ones out as far as I could, and with a good metal backing, I ended up seating them into the countersink with a heavy hammer. That was quick work.

After all the rivets were in and bucked, the ones in a countersink hole had to be ground flush.

Once all the grinding was done, I took her home again and re-attached the top cover, back plate, and barrel shroud with booster. And set her in my tripod.

And it looked surprisingly good in the living room as well…

This is seriously where it sat for about a week, until I took it apart and sandblasted the receiver and barrel shroud, to be shot in Aluma Hyde II.

But that’s for another update.


Assembling the receiver box

Started out today by countersinking the holes on the Right Side Plate (RSP) with a 60 degree countersink.

Bottom row done, all countersunk, all rivets will sit flush.

Next up was riveting the RSP Pintle Pad in place.
The rivets for this just get smashed down, as they also seat into a countersunk hole on the outside. Here it is while grinding the rivet heads smooth.
In the same go, I riveted the bullet stop onto the plate. Very tough to do after it’s all together…

Then, the RSP needed to be drilled to 5/8″ for the pintle pad, as mentioned in a previous post.

Next up was preparing 2 rivets for the top plate, it gets 2 small rivets in the back, and one long one in the front. Due to the spacing inside, the two back ones need to be trimmed down a bit.

And there she is! Ready to rivet!