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10/22 Bolt Noise.

Sometimes, when shooting my 10/22 suppressed, I reach over with my left arm, and with my thumb, I jam the bolt forward, stopping the gun from cycling after each shot. I find it to be quieter to the shooter. It really allows you to hear how the silencer performs.

Even with a Polyurethane Buffer, the action is still relatively loud.

On a certain website, owned by a guy that researches silencers, the JG Bolt Lock device was tested. The device worked as advertised, and a noise reduction of less than 1.5dB was measured using standard velocity CCI. I would love to post a link, but the site’s owner not only charges folks to read his reviews, his Terms of Use are pretty out there. I won’t risk getting sued.

So I thought I’d build my own. If anything, just to save my thumb.

I had some black plastic material around, commonly used for gun-stands etc. I took a strip of the material, and after carefully setting up my precision milling machine, I cut a rough prototype.

A Dremel cutting bit at over 2000 RPM cut the material just fine.



Cracked Ruger 10/22 receiver

Upon dis-assembly and cleaning of a friend’s 10/22, I found a crack in the receiver, just aft of the lower side of the ejection port.


I wonder what has caused this damage to happen. Perhaps years of shooting suppressed with a steel buffer? The buffer pin holes in the receiver are larger than the ones in a newer receiver, indicating battering of the pin inside the receiver.

I will try and contact Ruger in the next few days, and see what they say. They may be able to repair it. I’ve heard stories of Ruger’s fabulous customer service. I may find out for myself soon!


Ruger 10/22 Polyurethane Buffers.

Monkey Wrench is proud to offer our own Polyurethane Buffers for the 10/22.

I know what you’re thinking, “That all sounds good”, and “I’m sure my wife will want one for Christmas”, but first, let’s talk about “What“, “How” and “Why

The Ruger 10/22, probably one of the most popular plinking rifles out there, is a great little gun. A simple, light design, user serviceable, accurate and affordable.¬† The little rifle lends itself to many tasks, ranging from youth firearms training, to the somewhat controversial “non-lethal” uses the Israeli Defense Forces have for it. It’s highly customizable, and the sky is the limit as far as selection of aftermarket parts go. What else could you want?

A highly customized and suppressed Ruger 10/22.

The rifle functions using the simple and effective blowback system. After pulling the trigger and firing the round, the bolt blows back, resetting the trigger, and upon its return to battery, it will strip another round from the magazine, making the rifle ready to be fired again. Sounds simple enough.

However, there is a weak spot. As the bolt comes to its furthest point back, it needs to hit a buffer in order to stop and start its travel back forward. In this case, a hardened steel pin.