Colt SP1

Picked up a nice Colt SP1.
It’s an old Sing Sing correctional facility rifle, and has that nice “been there – done that” look…


Mauser project revisited, with a new spin!

For a while now, I’ve had the urge of SBRing a Mauser, and cutting the barrel to 7″, turning it into an evil spirits defying flame-thrower/car alarm setter-offer.

I started off with a shot out M38 Turkish Mauser, I had rescued from an ATI plastic sniper stock, and a sporterized 98K stock I found on eBay.
After that, the project pretty much sat idle in my safe, awaiting time and money to continue.

And then I ran across Rhineland Arms, who sells a kit to convert a 98 Mauser into .45ACP. Fed by a 1911 magazine seated in an adapter, the gun features a 16.25″ barrel, and an extended ejector. And of course with my AAC Ti-Rant 45 suppressor on the way, I couldn’t think of a better project. No action noise and a short and handy subsonic pistol caliber rifle. a German/Turkish based abdomination of a DeLisle? William De Lisle will roll over in his grave if he finds out…

I decided to remove the shot out barrel from the receiver. I soaked the threads overnight with Mouse Milk, and heated a section of the barrel to red hot, about 6″ from the muzzle. Once the barrel was nice and hot, I bent the barrel 90 degrees, to ease the removal process. After carefully rigging the received in a vice, I added a cheater bar to the now 90 angled barrel, and broke the barrel free, easier as I had expected.

Then, with the barrel removed, I cut the barrel down to 16.5″ so I could make a mock-up of the rifle with a 16.25 barrel.

The barrel, removed from the receiver and cut to 16.5″.

Here she is, in all her glory:

I still have to come up with a solution for a sight. I’m not sure if I will be installing original Mauser sights, or if I am going to run a small red-dot. The benefit of a red dot is that it will clear a suppressor at the muzzle.

Shooting AR500 with M2AP

About a year and a half ago, I purchased a silhouette shaped piece of AR500 steel from Wideners. With a brinell rating of 500, the stuff is commonly used for armor plating.

The thing is tough. After over a year of abuse, with calibers ranging from 22 to 7.62x54r, and everything in between, including 62 grain M855 .223, the surface is showing some pitting, but that’s about it.

Today, I decided to see what the illustrious black tip 30.06 would do to it.
I brought my trusty M1 out, and an en-bloc clip of Lake City M2AP.


First, obviously, don’t try this at home.
The first shot, from about 50 yards, only nicked the surface, as most other ammunition had done.
I decided to shoot it more. Second shot, another dimple.
As the plate came swinging back, I hit it dead on this time, as the plate normally hangs at a slight forward angle, to deflect most rounds down into the ground, and that seemed to have done the job.

The plate now has a hole. About a .30 cal hole. The black tip didn’t fully penetrate the plate, but it pierced a big hole, leaving a bulge at the back. Impressive, to say the least.

Will I feel safe from M2AP behind 1/2″ AR500? Not sure. Safer than not having anything, I guess…




20 rounds with the Flash Enhancer

20 rounds of Federal M193 through the 7.5″ barrel with the DeGroat Flash Enhancer.


Sunday Shooting

A beautiful Sunday, shooting with some new friends on some private property.

The video was shot by Tristan Wheelock.

Tweaking the Browning.

So after the range trip, I did some more research on the web, and it was suggested to me that I had an Israeli feed pawl spring in my gun, which was much stiffer than the one I should need.

Don’t ask me how, but now I am the owner of 27 new springs…

I also decided to order a new recoil spring, as I was having those failure to go into battery issues as well.

Upon inspection and comparison with my new one, I found that my original recoil spring had shrunk by about 1.75″ Overall Lenght!
I counted the same amount of coils, same thickness, but 1.75″ less OAL!
Reason enough to change it!

I also inquired about the lubrication needs of the gun, and was advised to make my own, by mixing some oils and lubricants together, to create a mixture called “Janet Reno Love Lube”.

After the springs were changed, the gun was cleaned and re-lubed, a new range trip was in order.

This time I chose the heavily policed Knight Trail Range, in Venice, as it is much closer to my house.
After convincing the range officers that it would be safe, and just like shooting prone, they gave me the green light to bring it. So the next morning, we got there bright and early and set up at the 100 yard line.

And sure enough, this time she ran like a champ! With very few exceptions, she ran just about flawless.

I had called up my buddy Charlie, and he came out to witness the gun as well…
Here he is feeding the belt.

After shooting it for a while, the tripod had dug itself into the shell and concrete (!) enough that we were actually seeing the impacts in the same area. So we decided to hang a target and see what we could hit. For the occasion, I decided for the first time, to flip the sights up…

And sure enough, we were able to dial it in, and hit the target quite a few times! We may have also hit the target stand a few times, but hey, if they don’t want it hit, it shouldn’t be downrange, right!?

All in all, a much better range trip, and at this point, I was very happy with the gun.