Browning Hipower

Earlier this year, I stumbled across a Hipower for sale. The seller lived close to me, and a deal was made.
I took the following pictures, and put her in the safe.




Not too long after, I acquired an M&P 9mm, which I shot suppressed, and started carrying. But every time I retrieved it from the safe, I’d hear a weeping sound coming from the back. Upon further investigating, I found the Hipower again.

Realizing a steel handgun is much more to my liking, I immediately dumped the M&P and picked up some grips for the Hipower. I went with VZ Simonich grips. Very aggressive, but also a very positive grip. Next up was the magazine safety and thumb safety.


The magazine safety has a great effect on the trigger, and after removing mine, I noticed a vast improvement. The safety removal is a simple process, and can be done in under an hour easily.


The thumb safety on these things are “vague” and not as positive as the 1911’s thumb safeties. It bothered me enough that I decided to order the Cylinder & Slide extended safety. A nice piece of work, and with some minor fitting it was just about a drop-in fit. Again, a huge improvement over stock. I now carry it “Condition One”, hammer back, safety on, round in the chamber.
On carrying, I found that the gun fits perfectly in my Milt Sparks VMII for a 4″ 1911.


Next up on the to-do list is a set of Warner sights. Chuck is famous for his 1911 TRS True Radius Sear jigs, and offers a sight set and TRS Sear for the Hipower as well.
(Image from Chuck Warner’s site WarnerPistols.com)

I intend to send him my gun in January for sight installation and barrel crowning.
Lastly, she’ll get his TRS sear and a C&S ring style hammer.


Jericho 941 Pistol.

In 1990, Israeli Military Industries introduced the Jericho 941. A design based on the very succesful CZ75, the pistols were assembled with components from the Italian contractor Tanfolio.

The gun pictured here is the 9mm Sub-Compact model, using a shorter barrel in the full size frame.
It was imported before 2008 by Magnum Research as the “Baby Eagle Pistol”
I carry this gun loaded with Hornady TAP 147 grain.

The weight of the pistol when loaded is around 2.6 Lbs,  taming recoil and making it easy to shoot. The grip angle and the palm swell in the back strap make for an overall very comfortable grip. The Hogue Wrap-around adds to that. The polygonal rifling in the barrel lengthens barrel life, and some say adds accuracy. I find the gun to be very accurate.

Although the pistol looks very similar to the CZ75, it has a few differences. For one, the full size model is considerably heavier, it weighs 2.4 Lbs, compared to the 1.7 Lbs of the CZ75. Another major difference is the decocker/safety in the 941, compared to the CZ, which has a separate decocker.

9mm Sub Compact model.

Sten MkII.

First time out with the Sten MkII.

MAC Attack!

My Friend Rob’s new toy: ’84 MAC 11/9