45ACP Mauser update.

The day before Thanksgiving, my Ti-Rant 45 form 4 showed up at my dealer, and re-sparked my 45ACP Mauser project.
During the holiday, I carefully determined that I had a large-ring receiver, and ordered the Rhineland kit. Shipping was prompt, and 3 days later it arrived.
After un-boxing the kit, which was packaged extremely well by Rhineland, I took to the laboratory to screw the new in-the-white barrel into my receiver.
Alas. The new barrel was too big. I quickly snapped some pictures, and right before my wife served dinner, mailed them off to Rhineland, asking him what the deal was.

Shorty after he responded that I did indeed have a hybrid bastard-child of a gun, a large ring receiver with a small ring thread. Just my luck. “No problem,” he said, “I’ll send you a small ring one, send me the large ring one back when you can”. I promptly sent my barrel back, and in the mean time, Rhineland had sent me replacement already, along with the back-ordered ejector. No charge on the shipping.

The replacement barrel fit like a glove. I screwed in the barrel, inserted a 45ACP No GO gauge in the chamber with the bolt, and determined my headspace, alternating between GO and NO GO gauges, until I found the right spot.
Tighten the lock ring with some Blue Loc-tite on the treads, confirm headspace, and step 1 is done.
After that, I installed the magazine adapter and extended ejector, and after a bit of tweaking and filing, I got ‘er cycling and feeding smoothly.

The initial range trip was successful today, although the Kimber magazine I had modified to function properly at home, proved less reliable than a unmolested Chip McCormick magazine. Unlike some previous builder stated in their Youtube build video, I don’t have to “ram” the bolt home to get a positive feed, just some good momentum is enough.

Next up for this project:

  • Remove the barrel and have it threaded .578″x28 for use with a suppressor;
  • Reinstall barrel, and refinish the received and barrel. I’m thinking a simple Brownells spray-on finish.
  • Come up with a solution for sights of some kind. A way to low-mount a Doctor/RPD-II would be ideal.

2 responses

  1. Dan

    Cool photos and article! Thanks for those. I have the same kit and am putting it in one of the synthetic ATI stocks. My intention is to build a DeLisle-style or MP5SD-style full length can that takes advantage of barrel porting. But watching your youtube vids it looks like is is pretty darned quiet with a normal suppressor. Any thoughts?

    February 20, 2013 at 11:12

    • Yes. Build it and get it running before you register a can for it. I find that due to the bolt locking design, feeding can be tough at times. At this point I see two solutions: Remove the bottom lug from the bolt, and fill the recess in the receiver for it to allow the round to feed smoothly, or somehow recess the barrel more into the receiver, truly like a DeLisle. But that would mean a lot of bolt and receiver modifications as well. I plan to do some more brainstorming on it, and plan to do another post on it.
      As far as quietness goes – I run mine with a TiRant. I’m sure it can be quieter, but I like the fact that I can take the can off and use it on one of my 1911s.

      February 20, 2013 at 11:54

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