Getting the Browning ready for test firing.

After the assembly was complete, I took the gun apart again, and brought it to work, so I could sand-blast it for the Aluma-Hyde.

After I blasted it, I hung the receiver and barrel shroud from a wire I strung outside and after a good degrease, I heated the components up with a hair-dryer, and applied multiple coats of Aluma-Hyde in Parkerize Gray.
Took the receiver and shroud back inside, and suspended them from some wire in a low-traffic area, and let them rest for a week.

After I was confident the Aluma-Hyde had hardened, I started the re-assembly again.
Every component, upon assembly, got a good spray-down with WD40.

The reason I used WD40, was that one time at a machinegun shoot, I was shooting Burney’s M37, and he used WD40 liberally, and the gun seemed to like it.
I was also using it to lubricate the links as I was linking, being that the links are not made for 54R. And of course, Old_Painless, author of The Box Of Truth swears by it. And supposedly, he is “In the know”.

Once I had her all reassembled, I started to feed the linked dummy rounds I had made.
And boy, did I have a hard time. The extractor kept slipping, and I just couldn’t apply enough force to cycle the bolt. This got a little better when I put it on the ground, and braced myself on the tripod. When the day was over, I put her outside and took some pictures.

Next up: The Range trip!


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