First range trip, initial test-firing of the Browning!

Before we went on the test-firing range trip, I ordered a replacement extractor spring (the one in the top cover) and an extended bolt handle from Sarco, to make the hand cycling a bit easier on the hands. I didn’t know if this thing was going to cycle properly or not, and running the gun in single shot with that short handle, is not recommended.

My wonderful girlfriend helped me hand-link about 340 rounds, which was about all we could stand, both our hands were severely blistered up at that point.

Here she is, linking ammo!

After the parts had come in and were changed out, we set off to our range-trip.
We chose the Cecil-Webb range in Punta Gorda for this, as the range has more room, and the Range Officers are usually less intrusive.

We set the gun up on its tripod, checked headspace one last time, and put the ammo belt in.I have to admit, I was pretty nervous, I’ve shot some rebuilt guns of mine, handguns and rifles, but this time was more nerve wrecking…







This process repeated itself for a while, with the exception that every now and again I would get 3 or 4 shots out in semi, followed by a “click”.
I also saw the feed pawl skip the belt a few times, or get hung up, and a few times the bolt would not go into battery without some help.

I decided to try the new extractor spring I had ordered. It made quite a bit of difference, the gun was feeding much better, and I was able to get longer strings of fire out until it would unfortunately jam again.

We shot through the ammo we had brought, and loaded it up and went home.

A semi-successful day, mostly everything worked, but needed some tweaking.

Next time: Different springs, and another range trip!


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