1919A4 Pintle Pad

Being that the right hand side of the receiver has been torch cut per regulations, the parts kits brought in to the country contain a few items that are necessary on the new right hand plate, such as the bullet stop and the pintle pad.

The pintle pad was included with a piece of the original receiver.
Still riveted on to the old receiver...

The old rivets are best removed by drilling from the back side, after making a center point with a good center punch. Drill into the rivet until you’re close to the plate,
A swift hit with a punch into your freshly drilled hole, and it should pop right out.

From some marks on the receiver, I could tell that a common used de-riveting technique is to simply grind them off, leaving ugly grind marks in the receiver. This method won’t mark the receiver at all, all the work is done in the old rivet itself, if done correctly.

There it is, on the new side plate.
Note that the hole in the receiver plate is smaller, Israeli’s modified some guns by drilling out the pintle holes to 5/8″ and inserting a sleeve. Mine will be re-sleeved to accept a USGI Pintle and bolt.


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