Another project…

Flipping through the last Shotgun news, I was going through the 6 page Sarco ad, and noticed they still had Browning 1919 parts kit in stock. So, I sent off a few messages, joined and bought a parts kit for a 1919A4, with all the conversion pieces for 7.62*54R. This Russian ammo is still readily available, and relatively cheap.

After a few days, I got a call from Bill at Trophy Reloading in Sarasota, that my parts kit and 100% Semi receiver had arrived. A quick trip up there and a background check later, I was on my way home with my latest project.
As soon as I returned to work I opened the box, and slid some pieces together:
Fresh out of the boxThis thing looked like fun!! As I described it to my girlfriend: “It’s heavy, greasy, it stinks and I love it!”

After I got home, I took some of the parts apart, and started the cleaning. A .50cal ammo can filled halfway with Simple-Green turned out to be an excellent overnight degreaser.

Here she is, bolted together (No barrel or internals) for the picture:


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