Pocket Revolver.

Last year, I purchased a Smith & Wesson model 442, a J-Frame revolver, rated for .38 Special +P.
I felt the need to have something small, that I could easily throw in my pocket, and would be dead-nuts reliable. It’s not always feasible to bring a 1911 with me. Wearing a tucked in shirt for going out is not an option with my current IWB setup.

442, weighing in at 418 grams.

Ran a box of .38 Special and a few Hornady Critical Defense +P loads through it. Quite the kicker. Not very accurate, which I blame for the most part on the trigger-pull. It was a hammer-less gun, so it has to be fired dual-action. The trigger pull is heavy and very long.

I carried the thing for 8 months, usually on weekdays in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster.

Here is is in the picture above, weighing in at 418 grams empty. (14.8 Oz)

After a while I realized I should have went with my original instinct, the 360 PD.

Fondling a 360PD at every gunshow made me want one more and more. But the $1122.00 list price scared me a bit.

I had paid a hair under $400 for the 442 new.

Then I finally found one on the Equipment Exchange of AR15.com, and hte guy was interested in taking my 442 in trade. We met up and did the transaction.

360 PD, with 5 rounds of .357 weighing 380 grams. Even with 5 rounds of .357 Magnum, the gun is still lighter than an empty 442.

The 360PD has a Titanium cylinder, a Scandium Alloy frame.

And boy, is it light. The downside from this, of course, that it feels like a tiny nuclear explosion in your hand when you shoot it.
It gives you a hands-on inside look to what it feels like when a Glock 22 blows up in your hand. Except, the 360PD is usable, over and over again.

I seriously hope that I never have to use this thing, it’s a violent shooting little thing. I’ve ran 10 rounds of .357 through it, and I have to say, it was a less than enjoyable experience.

But it has a great trigger, and is much more accurate.

And that is kind fo what I was after in the first place.
Small, packs a mean punch, easily concealable, good trigger and a visible front sight. I can’t think of anything else I need.


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