Starting the Stainless gun.

I decided to order the following items:
Ed Brown Hardcore Hammer, Sear, Disconnector, Thumb Safety and a Novak Tritium front and rear sight.

The hammer, sear and disconnector I sent off to my friend Steve in Tallahassee, along with a bottle of Bourbon for his trouble, and he returned them to me about a week later, worked over for a nice crisp trigger.
I fitted the thumb safety myself, as I had done this in the past. There is not much to it, but it’s a bit of a tedious job, as it’s hard to mark and reach. And too much material is easily removed.

The Novak sights pretty much went in without needing too much persuasion.

I didn’t really touch the gun after this, heck, I didn’t even shoot it! It lived in my safe for a good year, mainly because I wasn’t sure what to do next, and there were other projects that required my attention.
Finally, I got some more elbow room to work on my projects, and decided to move on with this one.


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