Thoughts on working over my Kimber

For my normal everyday carry, I have a Kimber Pro Raptor II, 4″.

Great little pistol, stable to shoot, I think due to the added weight from the bull barrel, but packs a mean punch.
Over the years, I’ve replaced the thumb safety with an Ed Brown safety, as I had a hard time with the originals digging into my hand when shooting a high grip. Stock safety is just too thick.
And I’ve added an Ed Brown snake-skin MSH with magwell, as it matches the stock checkering on the front strap and the slide.
Other than that, she’s pretty much stock. Schwartz safety and all…

So I’ve decided to do some frame modifications to it as well.

After handling an Ed Brown Cobra Carry and a Dan Wesson CBOB, I’ve come to the conclusion that a bobtail is a very comfortable grip, and helps to conceal the gun a lot, by reducing the area that typically is out of the holster.
Here is an example of a Springfield that’s been Bobtailed.

The actual modification doesn’t seem to difficult, Brownells sells a jig for it, locate the new MSH hole, drill it, mount hte new Bobtail MSH and cut of the excess frame.

While I’m at it, I think undercutting the trigger guard and countersinking the right hand slide stop pin hole would be in order as well.

Other than that, I’ll leave her be…

Here is the installation jig: Bobtail Jig at Brownells


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